Q4i Growth Platform

Marketing supports prospecting and prepares prospects for a sales conversation.

Growth Platform: Why marketing matters

To ensure your insurance agency reaches its potential, you must ensure each element of the Growth Platform is performing at a high level.

Without marketing, you will find yourself in front of the wrong buyers, with longer than necessary sales cycles, with no differentiation in the market, and struggling with more difficult growth than necessary.

Q4i Growth Platform Marketing

Wonder what marketing has to do with filling your pipeline? EVERYTHING!

You need a message that doesn’t make you sound like your competitors.

You need a strong online presence for your readers to get excited about.

This focused marketing will help you to fill your pipeline with quality prospects.

Nearly all buyers will look you up online. Will they like what they see?

Marketing is now the first step of selling for insurance agencies and advisors. Buyers start their search or research online. They may get a referral from a trusted source saying they should talk to you, or they may find you online themselves.

Either way, your online presence is what gives them the gut feeling that they either want to learn more about you or that you’ve just completely unimpressed them and they move on, never to return.

Like it or not, your future success is now largely dependent on your level of engagement online.

A product-focused website makes you look just like your competition.

Readers know you can offer insurance products and basic HR and risk management services. Instead, tell them how you make a difference for your clients.

Remain relevant to your clients and buyers

 Master these six basic marketing functions:

  • Modern website with messaging based on Business Strategy and Client Challenges
  • Strong LinkedIn presence from entire company
  • Writing published regularly in various locations
  • Original, though-provoking content sent regularly to a growing prospect database
  • Practical, immediately useful tools and information sent regularly to clients

Q4i Growth Platform

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What Others Say About Us


“The team at Q4i was able to take all of the ideas, thoughts, and messages I had pulled together over the years and assist in making those items work for us rather than be all over the place. I now feel that I have control over what it is that I am doing rather than running a million different directions.”

~Christian Mullis, Vice President of MarketingAlltrust Insurance