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Do you think of yourself as a problem solver? Someone who loves to uncover the root issue and create interesting solutions to help tackle the challenges other people may see as insurmountable?

Does the idea of influencing behaviors and stimulating change to create better working scenarios for employers and employees get you kind of excited? How about the idea of transforming an industry?

Or how about fundamentally changing the way people see things and interact with and educate clients to deliver an employment experience that makes people say, “I want to work THERE!”

If this sounds interesting, then keep reading because the person we want to join our team needs to get fired up about these ideas and believe that it’s possible. We know it is. We’ve seen it and want to see more of it in employers all over the country.

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We’re on a mission helping insurance agencies transform themselves into consulting firms who help employers create those types of amazing employment experiences.

Our Q4iMarketing group builds and manages the communication platform for our agencies to take this message to their clients, the employers. In the most basic explanation, we help develop strategic marketing plans tailored to each client and then help the clients implement them. This includes the major components of working with our developers to build websites, manage ongoing communications through digital and social channels, and helping build out and work off of editorial calendars.

While these are the nuts and bolts, it’s so much bigger than tactical responsibilities. At Q4i we’re thinkers and big picture idea people. We help clients stay current on employment trends and create content to help them effectively communicate and teach around these topics.

If you love to learn, research, discuss and collaborate to turn all that intangible work into usable ideas and tools, then we may just be a good match.

Job summary

This is a remote work position for the right team player who is a self-starter, organized, process-loving, and an enthusiastic learner and teacher.

The Marketing Account Manager plays a critical role as the day-to-day connection between your clients and Q4iMarketing and oversees all activities required to help clients meet their goals and objectives. You’ll be responsible for taking the lead on key areas of the account management:

Key skills used in the role:

  • Project and Account Management with both the client and with website developers, graphic designers, and copywriters. Being organized, thinking five steps ahead, creating a plan with multiple people involved, and managing it all to stay on track is the foundation of success in this role.
  • Using and managing software and platforms from basic desktop office programs to design software programs to websites and automated marketing platforms. MS Office, HubSpot, and WordPress are a must.
  • Content management. Creating clear, concise, effective communication – think social media posts, email campaigns, repurposing content into different formats. Using flexible writing styles, match visuals and tone of multiple brands. Using software and your vision, create items to be used in various marketing channels.
  • Humor and shared love. We work hard. The work we do is hard. It’s changing people’s behaviors and we all know that change is hard. So if you don’t love to laugh, love to love your work, your teammates and your clients, then hard work becomes drudgery.

As we talk with prospective clients, we’ll introduce you during the process to learn their goals and be an active contributor in developing our recommended strategy that you will take ownership for executing. While you won’t be responsible for finding or closing new business, having your participation in the developing conversations is important for a successful, long-term relationship.

Your ongoing input and recommendations and the trust you build with clients are critical. This all contributes to developing strong relationships and leads to increases in our responsibility with clients, helping maintain the business year-over-year.

We take your client leadership and participation in the development of prospective clients into consideration for your compensation and offer a base salary, plus variable pay tied to the book of business you manage.

Qualifications and Skills

  • 1 - 2 years experience working with clients, building marketing campaigns, and executing through online channels and social media

  • Relationship-building and client communication skills with a desire to proactively manage client accounts

  • Hands-on experience and strong working knowledge of HubSpot, WordPress, and/or other marketing automation and website building platforms required

  • Demonstrated ability to think creatively and develop campaigns based on customer requirements

  • Instinctive interest and excitement for all things digital with a strong understanding of social media platforms and inbound marketing

  • Strategic thinking and independent management skills

  • Belief that data informs decisions and the ability to assimilate both market and customer data into marketing strategies

  • Great writing, editing, and content development skills

  • Strong work ethic with a positive, enthusiastic, and fun team-player attitude is a must. Extra points for being witty and clever. 😃

The important stuff

What you really want to know!


Location: Remote-work position | Corporate headquarters, St. Louis, MO

Type: Full Time

Min. Experience: 1-2 years

Compensation: Salary + variable pay. Salary range commensurate with experience; base starting at $40K + variable. Benefits package.


Base salary with variable pay

Paid time off + holidays

Flexibility of working remote

Ongoing professional development

Computer equipment + office set-up budget

Other benefits as offered


Review resume & letter / LinkedIn profile

Video calls for interviews

Sample project assignment in HubSpot + review

Reference checking

If you cannot wait to be part of a team that is passionate about having fun while collaborating, learning, sharing ideas, dissecting issues, and embracing client difficulties and successes to the point that you want their success almost as much as they do, then let us know!

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LinkedIn is very important to us and our clients, so we’ll be sure to check out your profile.

If you have samples of anything you’d like us to see, either upload them or provide links in the form. One form upload per submission. If you have multiple items to submit, a combined PDF works well.

We look forward to hearing from you!

What Our Team Members Say About Working with Us

Eliza Culhane

“Since becoming part of the team at Q4i, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with and being lead by people who are just as excited as I am about trying new things. Since getting hired on, I’ve had countless opportunities grow, to educate myself, and to expand my skillset. I absolutely love being part of a team that encourages, supports, and challenges me—all while having fun! Getting to work alongside such exceptional people has been such a pleasure. I can’t wait to see how our team continues to grow!”

~Eliza Culhane