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Q4iNetwork is a partnership of hand-selected independent insurance agencies committed to impacting the growing and complex needs of clients.

Q4iNetwork agencies ensure clients have the right insurance solutions at the right price, but also know insurance is just part of the answer.

Each agency in the network has a driving goal in working with their clients – to make their clients more successful at what they do.

Results are more difficult than ever before. Today’s employers need improved results more than ever before and that the demands on HR/benefits have never been more complex. Q4iNetwork agencies have been trained in a unique process that breaks down the complexity of HR/benefits and builds a plan of action on behalf of their clients that makes results predictable and manageable.

Q4iNetwork Agencies

Local commitment | National reach

Things every business needs to control:

  • The cost of their benefit/insurance program
  • The time demands of service issues associated with the program
  • Clearly defined goals for their HR/benefit/insurance efforts
  • The ROI on that program
  • Their ability to attract/retain the best talent
  • The level of morale and employee engagement in their organization

The typical broker only focuses of the first two, failing to deliver on the remaining four CRITICAL items.

Using a consultative approach,Q4iNetwork agencies address the expanding and increasingly complex needs of today’s businesses. They work with clients who control their own businesses, take action, and are no longer satisfied with the “band-aid” approach of typical brokers. They find that the strategy and resources from Q4i agencies get them back to the strategy of their businesses.

Non-insurance issues can influence budgets even more than the benefits themselves.

We know how expensive employee health insurance is for employers and that you have limited control over the pricing. But there are other ways to keep expenses in control and have a large financial and organizational impact on your business. 

Download our eBook to see how employee-related expenses are challenging and impacting your organization:

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