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You can't manage what you don't measure

Our Analysis tools will help you identify and quantify your areas
of strength and opportunities for improvement.

You ask, we answer

Our collection of Analysis tools is powerful and integral to your growth.
Here’s some additional insight into why you need to leverage them along your path to growth.

How does the process work? Each Analysis is comprised of four pillars, and each pillar is broken down further into four impact areas. For each of the 16 impact areas, you will see a set-up statement with a question for self-evaluation. Reflect on each and score yourself on a scale of 1-10. There will be example ideas on each page to consider when selecting your score. At the end of the Analysis, you will receive a visual map of your inputs.
How often should I take the analysis? We recommend taking the Analysis every six months with dedicated time in between focused on areas of improvement. 
Which analysis should I take? The Agency Analysis provides insight into the overall operations of the company. We recommend starting with this Analysis if you are a company leader. 
How do I use my score? Your aggregate score will provide a baseline against which you can quantify your progress. However, the individual Impact Area scores will help you prioritize the areas you want and need to improve. If you’re a Q4intelligence subscriber, you’ll find resources to help you improve in each impact area.