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Connect with advisors

You offer a unique solution that solves a real problem. Whether it's a problem for an agency or an employer, you're likely looking for advisors motivated to solve problems rather than simply sell a product. Unfortunately, too many agencies and advisors are merely in the business of collecting solutions and never learning how to use them effectively. 

If you've ever found yourself frustrated by this scenario, welcome to Goose by Q4i. We've created an environment for developing the collaborative, impactful relationship you've been looking for.

Become a Friendor

Agencies align with us because they’re prepared to embrace new ideas, execute new strategies, and rethink how to evolve as a business. They are driven toward business growth and desire to make the greatest impact on their clients' businesses. This is where you come in. Our goal? Create an environment that allows for symbiotic relationships between our member agencies and vendors, or Friendors, using the term we coined to better describe the relationships we help facilitate.

Brand Exposure

Enhance your visibility by featuring your business on our Vendor Hub. Share videos, contacts within your organization, documents, and key information advisors need to learn about your offering.

Empower advisors to sell your solution

Empower advisors to more effectively sell your offering with our Solution Worksheets and develop a bite-sized video course about your offerings that we'll integrate into our online curriculum. 

Ad placement

Get in front of our audience of agencies that are motivated, regularly engaging with our content, and looking for new growth opportunities. Provide digital ads to place in our ongoing publications and Goose, our exclusive online platform.

Education & Promotion

Host an educational webinar tailored to our members' needs and interests, focusing on your expertise. Leverage the opportunity to establish your organization as a trusted partner.

Engage with Goose

Engage with our agency audience, sharing insights and answering questions as a participant in our Solutions Group. Get access to our MORE System sales training, Vendor Hub, Solutions Group, self-tracking Analyses, and Activity Feed.

Share a subscription

Provide complimentary subscriptions to Goose and MORE System sales training to two clients each year you are a Q4i Friendor.

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Interested in becoming a Friendor?

Reach out and talk with us about what Friendorship looks like for you.