How Q4i Consultants Work


Insuring Your Business + Ensuring Your Results

Do you hear a lot of noise from insurance brokers who want your business?

“We have great relationships with the carriers; let us give you a free insurance quote and see if we can beat your price.”

“Nobody provides better service than we do, we’ll be like an extension of your HR department.”

“Look at all of the ‘free stuff’ we’ll give you if you become a client.”

“Blah – blah – blah”

Our agencies do it differently

They never rely on a spreadsheet to earn your business. In fact, our agencies make the following commitment . . .

We’ll never ask for your business until we can clearly deliver a better overall BUSINESS solution than what is provided by your current broker.


Our agencies understand that having access to all of the resources – insurance, communication, compliance, technology, wellness, etc. – is simply the ante into today’s game.

They never show up with pre-determined answers. Instead, they come with insatiable curiosity for uncovering what may be holding your organization back from reaching new heights.

It’s about consulting, not simply quoting

Expect a different conversation with a Q4inetwork agency

  • Executive Briefing

    Our consultants seek to understand the goals/objectives you have for your HR/benefit/insurance program. They also share how they work, which helps you meet those goals/objectives. If you see the potential value in this process, they will suggest you take the next step in their process, an Analysis.

  • Analysis

    During this conversation, the advisor will evaluate your HR, benefits, and insurance practices, looking into areas such  as communication, compliance, technology, wellness, etc. The goal is to identify “what’s working” and “what isn’t working as well as it needs to”. If you uncover opportunities for improved performance, you’ll move to the final step in the process, an Alignment Plan.

  • Alignment Plan

    Analysis Summary – Documented summary of the Analysis.

    Executive Overview – Dashboard for measuring progress.

    Plan of Implementation – Solutions addressing identified needs to ensure improved results.

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