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Agency Annual Plan

Make Excuses or Make Sh!t Happen

There are things in our lives that we would all like to do that we never get around to. Some are merely fantasies, some are "bucket list” items, and yet others are things we should be doing – right no...

6 Vulnerabilities Taking Your Benefits Business Down

As a customer, do you ever see a business that is in such obvious need of fixing, or see a huge opportunity for improvement, that you just shake your head and wonder what in the world the owner is doi...

2024 Employer Mandate Penalties Released

Content provided by   The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires applicable large employers (ALEs), meaning employers that averaged at least fifty full-time employees (including full-time equivalent emplo...

Helping Women's Mental Health Thrive

Now, more than ever, women know what they want in the workplace.   They want a job that’s not just a job—they want a place to make a difference, flexibility on where, when, and how they work, and more...

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Marketing Annual Plan

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Insurance Agency Q&A

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Producer Annual Plan


Industry Blog

You’re Freakin’ Kidding Me, Right?

Earlier today, I received a call from a client (let’s call him Joe) asking for some advice. Joe is a benefits broker, and he described to me a prospect he was looking to close but who had just called ...

Intelligent Growth

At Q4intelligence, we have had an annual theme going back to our beginnings 14 years ago. We use the themes to keep us focused. They keep us focused on what we work on internally, what we take to our ...

You in the Glass House! Put that Rock Down

Our industry is under attack: in DC and state capitols, boardrooms, over kitchen tables, and in the court of public opinion. We're also being attacked from within. In all fairness, many attacks are wa...

Offer Your Buyers a “Couch to Lay On”

There are times we could all benefit from lying on a therapist’s couch. Much of the time, we talk through our challenges with good friends. However we get there, we feel and become better simply becau...

Business Blog

Thought Leader: More Than Just a Buzzword

In the social media beehive, you’ve likely come across the term thought leader. You’ve probably seen posts about how people can become the most trusted advisors and experts in their fields.  Many peop...

Federal Action Temporarily Halts Surprise Billing Arbitration Decisions

MZQ Consulting, LLC February 27, 2023


Content provided by   The federal No Surprises Act protects health insurance consumers from being billed for anything other than typical in-network cost-sharing when they receive emergency care from a...

Impact of Planned End of COVID-19 Emergency Periods on Employer Health Plans

MZQ Consulting, LLC February 13, 2023


Content provided by   The Administration recently announced its intention to end both the COVID-19 pandemic national emergency period and the public health emergency as of May 11, 2023. The end of eac...

Connect with the Power of Conversation

The art of leading a productive and enlightening conversation is at the essence of success. Whether you're conducting a job interview, talking to a client, or working with your team, you need the powe...

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