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Five Surefire Ways 

To Catapult Your Benefits Business to New Heights

What Does #Growth Mean to You?

I believe we’re either growing or stagnating. I’ve had many interesting conversations with my son about growth and how many people stop learning new things. I hadn’t considered the “who is learning” c...

Benefits Advising: A to Z

Our industry has as many acronyms as any; it’s time to give each of the 26 letters of the alphabet its moment in the spotlight.   A dvise with the client’s best interest in mind, ALWAYS. B enefits may...

Saying Farewell in Style: Mastering the Art of the Offboarding Process

Many companies have an onboarding process and know what to do when welcoming employees into the fold of everyday operations and processes. But what about offboarding? In a Zippia survey, 71% of respon...

The Head, the Heart, or the Hands: Which One Are You?

In today’s competitive landscape, we’re constantly told there are things we need to cultivate in order to gain success. While scrolling through social media, we see videos promoting skills we need to ...

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Marketing Annual Plan

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Insurance Agency Q&A

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Producer Annual Plan


Industry Blog

The Q4i Brand Story

Two of the most important aspects of any business are the reason it exists in the first place and what it does to fulfill that purpose/mission. As a coaching and marketing business that works daily to...

Make Excuses or Make Sh!t Happen

There are things in our lives that we would all like to do that we never get around to. Some are merely fantasies, some are "bucket list” items, and yet others are things we should be doing – right no...

6 Vulnerabilities Taking Your Benefits Business Down

As a customer, do you ever see a business that is in such obvious need of fixing, or see a huge opportunity for improvement, that you just shake your head and wonder what in the world the owner is doi...

You’re Freakin’ Kidding Me, Right?

Earlier today, I received a call from a client (let’s call him Joe) asking for some advice. Joe is a benefits broker, and he described to me a prospect he was looking to close but who had just called ...

Business Blog

2024 Limits Announced for HSAs, High Deductible Health Plans, and Excepted Benefit HRAs

  On May 16, 2023, the Internal Revenue Service released updates to the maximum annual 2024 contribution limits for health savings accounts (HSAs) under high deductible health plans (HDHPs). These lim...

Take this Permission Slip

What is it that holds you back? What pushes your employees or peers to burn themselves out? What halts growth and stifles innovation? What keeps cultures from overcoming periods of apathy? Some might ...

Five Cost-Effective Employee Retention Strategies

Moving into 2023, employees want more and are getting more than ever before: with technologies advancing, more jobs being added to the market, and open communication bringing new employee benefit rhet...

New Data: Four Things Employers Should Be Paying Attention To

MetLife recently published its annual Employee Benefits Trend Study, which offers a wealth of new data to give insight into the current employee experience and how employers can respond to new challen...

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